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Youth Ministry
We have different offers for young people. In all-day events or in-the-afternoon-events of 1,5 hours, children and young people receive religious and practical instructions, that help them with their daily life in family, school, free time and with their friends.

If you have problems or questions, you will also receive answers by writing to: seelsorge(at)


Youth page
In our magazine Benedicite there is a supplement for the youth, with suggestions to live the faith daily and further topics.

Some samples.

The purpose of life (pdf)

Experiencing joy - Giving joy (pdf)

We need to fight hard for the good (pdf)

Our thoughts - our future (pdf)

Different ways to God (pdf)

Answers to provocative questions

Suicide - thoughts for parents and teenagers

How do I meet fears of life?

Causes of restlessness and excessive activity