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History of origins and milestones of the Place of Grace

St. Michael: History of origins (pdf)
St. Michael: History of origins in keywords (pdf)

Paul Kuhn educates himself as a Coué-instructor and starts to give his first public talks.

PPaul Kuhn experiences his first supernatural incident: During a relaxation exercise his spirit is transported to heavenly spheres through a bright light-channel coming out of the cosmos.

Paul Kuhn encounters Maria Gallati at a class-evening. Maria Gallati starts to see spiritually and to have supernatural apparitions.

1964 - 1988
Maria Gallati serves as a speaking-instrument for the Archangel Michael.

1964 - 1969
Paul Kuhn is being taught in spiritual matters by the Archangel Michael through the speaking-instrument Maria Gallati and receives revelations from heaven.

The Archangel Michael asks «God’s instruments» to go on a journey to Garabandal/Spain, a village where Marian apparitions took place. There, the Blessed Virgin Mary appears to them and gives them orders: praying of the rosary, the building of the Marian grotto, which was built and consecrated in 1968 in Kuhn’s garden.

1966 - 1996
Paul Kuhn usually gave weekly public talks at different places in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. He tought the people a practical psychology, positive autosuggestion und relaxation, enlightens about his calling as God’s instrument, the origin of the Place of Grace with its supernatural incidents and teaches the people the early Christian faith.

1968 / 1969
The dominant churches give their view with the brochure «Wrong Prophets».

1966 - 1970
On Saturday evenings more and more people gather in Paul Kuhn’s private home.

Paul Kuhn is given the task of building a church.

Jesus Christ mystically ordains Paul Kuhn and Maria Gallati to the priesthood. 24. June – 24. December building of St. Michael’s church with 1.000 seats in Dozwil with the help of volunteer workers.

Mystical consecration of the church, first mass with Holy Communion on Christmas Eve.

Foundation of the St. Michael’s Association as a registered association: «The association aims are the organisation, securing and promotion of the missionary activity on ecumenical basis in the service of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raffael and Uriel». There is no membership for church attendees! No church tax!

Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Resch, parapsychologist from Innsbruck, looks into the Place of Grace on behalf of the Swiss Bishops’ Conference. His recommendation: The Catholic Church should make use of the teaching and the charisma from the Place of Grace.

Acquisition of the restaurant Landhaus and conversion to a pilgrimage house.

New construction of the House St. Michael in Dozwil as a guest house for pilgrims and visitors by the Bernet family. Inauguration in April.

January 16th Maria Gallati dies. May 8th: climax of the May-riots in Dozwil.

The associations own periodical publication «Benedicite» is issued for the first time in September. January 21st: Ulrich Aeberhard is ordained as priest by Paul Kuhn.

October 12th: The Swiss-German Bishops’ Conference requests the church goers to decide between the Catholic Church and the Place of Grace St. Michael.

The video film «Guided by God» is published.

1994 - 1995
Public talks in Vienna, Bergamo, Stuttgart and Nuremberg.

The foundation «Sfantul Mihail», a relief organisation for street children in Bucharest, is founded with the support of the St. Michael’s Association.

The Place of Grace presents itself on the internet:

«The Socrates foundation for health, education and upbringing» is founded with support from the St. Michael’s Association. Aim and purpose: Planning and construction of a new Christian clinic for patients with severe diseases as well as promotion of natural medicine through research and development.

The video film «The Path to the Light» is released.

ab 2001
Public worship services in Swiss cities and towns. Intensified pastoral care for the youth and church camps for young people in Engadine.

September 26: Paul Kuhn dies. A large congregation of mourners says farewell to the founder of the Place of Grace St. Michael. The Place of Grace is led on by Ulrich Aeberhard.

February 8: Ulrich Aeberhard ordains Willy Bolliger and Thomas Graber to priests of the Place of Grace St. Michael.

September 30th: Ulrich Aeberhard dies. A large congregation of mourners says farewell to the leader of the Place of Grace St. Michael. The Place of Grace is led on by the priests Willy Bolliger and Thomas Graber in the same sense and spirit.

The Place of Grace St. Michael is open to all people without membership, irrespective of their origin, religion or citizenship.

On weekends and holidays, public masses with Rosary and the Eucharist are celebrated in the St. Michael’s church in Dozwil. Around 2.000 people, children and adults from Switzerland, Germany and Austria regularly attend the masses on weekends.

Retreats are offered to get to know the pearls from the Place of Grace und to brace oneself in the Christian faith.