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The Assignments of the Place of Grace

The Work of St. Michael has received a variety of tasks from God which were completed with care and faith:

• The building of St. Mary’s Grotto
• The building of the church
• Praying the rosary
• Eucharistic mass, believing the real presence of Jesus Christ
• Living ecumenism with people from different denominations, working together.

Founding of works for the general public:
• Foundation for Romanian street children
• A school after the example of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, founded on Christian values (opening in 2006
• A clinic for the seriously ill in connection with academic medicine, Hahnemann’s homeopathy and alternative medicine

1. stage: 1998 Founding of the Socrates Foundation (
2. stage: 2002 Opening of an ambulatory with a doctor and a music therapist
3. stage: 2008 building application for a modern and future-oriented clinic
4. stage: 2012 Opening the clinic, phase 1 (