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Extracts from Paul’s Teaching

A couple of extracts from his teaching want to reflect the deep impressions of the shown way to enlightenment:

People nowadays are looking above all for materialism. They can only believe what they can see and grasp. Who believes nowadays still in the supernatural? Who still beliefs in the existence of heaven and angels, great and powerful spirits from God? Today’s human want to enjoy themselves, to amuse themselves. They want to enjoy life. We are allowed to enjoy, but in God’s purpose. Unfortunately, God’s purpose was lost for many people.

«God created men in his image and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.» Yes, the soul is very important. We humans consist of body, spirit and soul. All three parts need care and nourishment. For your body you are certainly doing everything. But what are you doing for your soul? You might tell me: «I’m going to church, I’m praying, I’m reading in the Bible.» Maybe I would have to tell you: That’s not enough. More is required! It especially requires more wisdom from God, in order to understand God’s word from God’s point of view.

I’m showing you a way. On this way you may find in abundance. But the way which I can show you is narrow and steep. Christ taught: «Broad is the way that leads to destruction, narrow is the gate to heaven. There are few who find it.» No matter in which religion you grew up, everyone is welcome here! Religion is the basis. We overcome the hurdles of life with this foundation. The soul is something divine. It should be God’s temple within us. It should be beautiful, shining and light-emitting. Thus, we can approach the true light, Jesus Christ, because light attracts light.

The Holy Spirit can only work through a beautiful, noble and pure temple of the soul. Therefore, it is our task to purify our soul and to mould it beautifully. The spoken word is registered in our soul. Also, everything we hear consciously is registered in our soul. Whatever is good, nourishes the divine power within us. If our soul is filled with positive conversations and noble thoughts, God’s strength becomes vivid within us. However, if our soul is filled with negative conversations, lies and defamation, negative feelings rise to my consciousness and dominate me.

Why do humans always have to think and speak negatively about others? From this day onwards only positive thoughts should dominate us. Christ said: «Pray without ceasing.» He wants to tell us that from morning until evening we should cultivate good thinking. All the good thoughts, which are saved within us, activate wonderful feelings – godly feelings. Negative feelings, however, destruct and make us ill.

We are guided very strongly by our spiritual emotions. Therefore, it is crucial that we become aware of our feelings and thoughts. Diseases come from negative feelings. Christ healed sick people. «Not I have healed you, your faith has helped you. Go and do not sin anymore!», he said to the healed. Sins burden our souls. A burdened soul makes the body sick.