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Quotes from revelations

During almost four centuries, several thousands revelations from high heavenly spirits were received at the Work of Grace St. Michael. Each revelation serves for the elatedness of the soul. The prophecies are warnings out of great love. All prophecies together are an immeasurable treasure and are a sign of God’s love for his children.

All prophecies start with the angel’s salutation «Benedicite» – we greet and praise the Lord – and with the benediction in the name of the Holy Trinity:

Benedicite! I bless you in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Spirit.

Love is God’s first commandment. Even if we are sinful but carry love within us, God will forgive us again and again.

In the end, only love counts. Those who stay in the love of Christ, receive the most beautiful graces. Great will be the joy when we will be able to see all our acts of love in terms of light, warmth and happiness. If you did your acts of love with a humble heart, their fruit is eternal joy and continuous sight of God.

You can hardly imagine how many negative thoughts were erased thanks to your acts of love. If your life is love, your afterlife will be light; if it was hate, it will be darkness.

Demand more of yourself than of your neighbour. Thus, you are true role models and you have true friends.

Seek to perfect yourself and not your neighbour! Thus, you will receive great strength and through your example you will serve for the salvation of the souls.

Therefore, it is your obligation to support your neighbour in spiritual distress and not to judge him. You should finally learn to be silent! Help to relieve distress through prayer, positive thinking and not through critical thoughts.

You have the weapons of the Holy Spirit in your hands. The strongest weapon is prayer. If a person is able to pray, to truly pray, he will never be lost.

Often, a person is asking for something, thinking that it would be good for him. But only God knows if it is good for his salvation. You should always speak: Lord, thy will be done. Thus the prayer is good and humble.

We, as God’s angels, are there for all people, no matter their faith.

Our Heavenly Mother is there for all people. She is the Mother of Christ. Who does not embrace the Mother, does not embrace the Son.

In this time of material security and wealth, the apparent unfaith became the cause for many distresses and fears. Parents raising their children in unfaith are to be blamed for the suffering of their children. They let their souls become emotionally stunted and withered because of their greed for money and wealth. Everything that served them was more important, and they neglected their most precious good, their children, which were given to them by God. Their punishment will recoil on them as a curse.

Seek for answers in silence and you will receive them. You do not find happiness and harmony in unrest. Only those who brace themselves to their inner voice through great silence, will be happy.

Everywhere evil is threatening. However, the unbelieving soul creates the biggest evil itself, because who does not do anything for the salvation of his soul is lost twice and cannot expect salvation, neither on the body nor on the soul.

Even if not everybody stayed faithful, I, God’s messenger, will stay faithful to you.