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A Place of Grace from God

Since time immemorial all religions and peoples have known cult sites, i.e. places which are connected to meaningful incidents and which to this day enjoy a special kind of reverence because many people are visiting them. The Bible knows many such sites. Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. Christ was born in Bethlehem and died on the cross on Calvary close to Jerusalem. All Christian places of apparitions, whether world-famous or only locally known, enjoy great popularity and are considered as holy sites where prayers are heard with heavenly intensification. Paul always cited the passage from the Bible where God’s voice spoke to Moses from the burning bush: «Take off your shoes. For the place where you are standing is holy ground.»

For 24 years, the Archangel Michael spoke to Paul and at the same time to all believers at the Place of Grace St. Michael in Dozwil. Many times, the Holy Archangel St. Michael was able to renew the sacrament of penance with all believers and to grant the forgiveness of all regretted sins. All revelations conveyed the biblically testified teaching of Jesus, guidance to a spiritual life, a way to unite the Christian confessions and prophecies about the future of the whole world. The aim was and is the preparation to the second coming of the Lord in power and glory, which doesn’t mean, however, the end of the world.

The following quotes from revelations should awaken interest to find out more about the Place of Grace.

St. Michael says: «I say things in parables, in a spiritual language. Everyone who deserves to understand, will understand it correctly, according to the state of his soul. A revelation is like a source of water. If you cannot understand, the water goes away. The person then only has fragments of it all.»

Eligius said: «The most important thing is to have peace your own heart.»

«Only God knows when Christ will come again, not even we as God’s angels have this knowledge. But the one thing we know is that when the time is near, great spirits of God will be born on this earth.  Prophets will come to prophesise and to proclaim. They will teach the people in a special manner.»

«The time is near. I repeat once more. Christ will come again. Judgement, however, is fulfilled day by day. Everyone judges himself already.»

«Now it depends on yourself to fashion your wedding gown. Cull your fruits so that you will not have to be ashamed and not be able to present anything.»

St. Michael: «You live in the end time. Jesus has taken his mother into heaven. He has crowned her and made her queen. The same Mother has repeatedly appeared on this earth.»

«God wants to cast you in a mould through these instruments of God, so that you become God’s children, God’s images.»

«This temple has been consecrated by Jesus Christ himself. Heavenly hosts were present. Heavenly hosts are present at each church service.»

«You might think: Why do we need to travel from far away to celebrate Holy Mass here? This house is full of grace. In this house of God the Blessed Mother of God and God’s angels do ministry.»

«You are a chosen people, when you are here and carry the blessings from here into the world.»

«Christ has created a lighthouse. What does Christ say? It shall shine out into the whole world.»

Jesus Christ himself consecrated this church that he wanted with angelic hosts and conferred priesthood to his instruments Paul and Maria. Thereby, the Place of Grace was entrusted with the highest good: Christ himself in the presence of his Eucharistic Body in the tabernacle and in the bloodless renewal of his sacrifice on the cross in every Holy Mass. When receiving Holy Communion, Jesus comes into the heart of every believer and wants to live in him.

When God’s instrument Maria died on  January 16 1988, the Place of Grace entered a new phase. Matthew (Matthäus), as an instrument called by God and proved by Paul and Maria, took Maria’s place at Paul’s side. He received many revelations from heaven in the «God-led writing», while an archangel, a great saint, the Mother of God or even Jesus Christ, led his hand while he was listening to Paul’s sermon. He did not know what the heavenly spirit was writing through him. Thus, his prophet ministry was especially then a heavy burden to him whenever he had to read out revelations on behalf of heavenly orders which criticised the sins and transgressions among the believers. Just as Paul’s preaching was inspired by the Holy Spirit and done without any preparations, the same occurred with Matthew. Often, while leading the prayer of the Rosary, he heard the sermon with his spiritual ear in advance and was then able to repeat it out of his own accord during mass. During the last years it happened more and more often that sentence by sentence was prompted to him by God’s Angel, audible for himself and that he only needed to say the words with his mouth.

Years ago, St. Padre Pio gave him the instruction to lead back to the centre of Christianity and to ascribe importance to nothing other than the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Also, the revelations given to him in the guided-writing became rarer. We were told that we did not need new revelations, that we had received everything and that now the task was to humbly put into action what we’ve received. Already the Holy Archangel Michael repeatedly told us that, before the second coming of the Lord, we would need to get along without God’s instruments.

With Willy’s and Thomas’ ordination to priesthood, which Matthäus carried out on behalf of heaven, a new phase began at the St. Michael’s association. With the death of God’s instrument Matthäus on 30 September 2003, the prophecy that the congregation would have to get along without God’s instruments before the second coming of the Lord was fulfilled.

As priests of this mighty Place of Grace we care for the pastoral requirements of the believers with dedication. We and the many believers know that we are taken care of during each worship service by the intercessions and the spiritual ministry from our instruments of God, who are in heaven, and through the presence of many heavenly angels. The Place of Grace witnesses itself because the protection, the love and the power from God are there at all times and all may receive the blessings of grace in their hearts in overabundant fullness.

The Place of Grace shines into the world if we as humble Christians encounter all people without prejudices and are always prepared to serve the community imbued with the grace-rays of heaven and able to cope with life through self-awareness and the application of Paul’s teaching. The Place of Grace will be perfected if all graces and teachings given from heaven, together with all sacrifices made by the believers become an example, which can be imitated by many.

Thomas and Willy