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Answers to urgent questions

These answers reveal a positive Christian attitude to life. They are, however, incomplete impulses.

«We are here on earth to serve God and to thus get to heaven». That is what is written in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We originate from heaven, just as the Parable of the Prodigal Son teaches us, and God waits until we come to understand our situation and search for him with all our strength.


We can mature spiritually through all life experiences. The more we are concerned with what is good, noble, pure and holy and strive for improvement, the more positive our being develops. Thanks to our loving attitude, we become helpers for our fellow men. That is the deep purpose of our existence: We shall multiply what is good in creation through noble thoughts, good words and deeds of brotherly love. Thus, we can fulfil the first commandment in a better and better way: «You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.»

Within each person there is an eternal spark of God. We live as spiritual beings in a material body. When we die, our spiritual nature leaves the body and may enter the home that he deserves, according to his spiritual development. Christ says: «In my Father’s house, there are many rooms». To have knowledge of life after death is normal in every religion as well as for indigenous peoples.


In view of so much suffering, war and distress you could be overwhelmed with resignation, sadness and despair. You might think: Why do I study? Why do I fight my way from one exam to the other? Nothing makes sense!

You have good future prospects if you are aware that your true future is a never ending time in God’s eternity.

God allows that tests and blows of fate happen to us. By struggling for the good and enduring difficult days we strengthen our fortitude and become faithful to God. Especially in this difficult time you will become a role model for your fellow men since they will see your hope and confidence for a fulfilled, meaningful life.

All you do in God’s name will turn into wonderful blessings in this life and in your life after death. Whatever you began to do out of love on this planet you may continue in heaven in pure joy and perfection. What you’ve earned in difficult times through work and prayer will be of true help during the time of hardship.

Always be confident and of good cheer. Never let yourself down by the spirit of resignation and desperation. If you follow these advices you become less impatient and uneasy. You will never despair of the contradictions of these days. You are less subject to mood changes. You are filled with an inner happiness that makes you healthy.

The word “peace” is part of the word “inner-peace”. In order to allow peace to enter our hearts a couple of conditions are to be fulfilled: First, make sure that you are accessing a state of inner-ease and order. Then start to have a relationship with God by keeping his commandments. His commandments are a safe guide for you. Next, strive after an attitude of gratitude because God gives us so much. If you are in a state of inner-ease and order, if you strive to live according to the commandments and if you are thankful for all gifts God has given you, your prayers will have power. God will repay your love abundantly.

«Do you want to be happy in life
contribute to other's happiness.
Since the joy we give
returns to our own heart.»

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. The best way to overcome my weaknesses is by being happy about my strengths and by honing them, be it music, sport, school, work, social abilities or emotional intelligence.

«The secret of joy is to be happy about what you have and not to be angry about what you don’t have» (Emil Meier). Yes, joy is the foundation of success. Joy gives ease, strength and courage. Joy revives your mind, your soul. Joy flows through our whole being with positive energy.

I should not become angry about my weaknesses because anger is just like an electrical short. Within moments it eats up our energy and it takes days until it is won back.

Choose one weakness you intend to work on and ask your guardian angel for help. In your mind you work out steps of improvement and each day before going to sleep you speak very consciously a couple of times the following into your soul:

I know that thanks to the divine power and the help of my angels I am becoming better and better at being silent. I am filled with silence and peace which makes me placid and well-adjusted.

If you have other weaknesses you would like to overcome, change the second part of the suggestion. It is crucial that I do not name the weakness, but the goal, the state I want to achieve. Only positive words may be spoken, because whatever we put in our souls strives after realization. If I say: I’m not fearful anymore, thus fear is planted into the soul and will continue to grow.

There are two types of studying: the studying for school and work, which means the acquirement of knowledge and skills and the studying for life, which refers to the development of our personality.

For all studying, our genuine will, our effort and our perseverance are important. Little children show us with what kind of enthusiasm humans are learning naturally. They observe, imitate, discover and repeat until they’ve reached their goal. They try as hard as possible and find new strength while resting.

Resting and order are decisive for allowing a kind of concentration that brings together all our senses, thoughts and our strengths of mind to the basic so that everything around us vanishes. Other important requirements for studying are confidence in our own abilities, interest in the issue being studied and joy about every little success.

We have a very valuable learning aid in the knowledge on the way our subconscious works. In this respect, positive thinking is fundamental. We learn best when we are involving our head, heart and hand.

It would go too far to get into the issue of practical studying.

Religion, family and good friends are of great help when learning for life. We can proceed from the assumption that all incidents in life, the small ordinary ones as well as the big strokes of fate, are measured out from God’s gracious almightiness. Nothing happens by chance. Everything makes sense!

Everybody longs for friends, for people with the same interests, who accept us, who like us, who share our views and our interests. Whether I find friends mainly depends on myself. Can I approach others? Can I listen to what they say? Can I bear a joke? Do I feel quickly insulted? Do I judge and condemn often or am I able to accept other people’s opinion without having to propagate my opinion as the only correct one? Do I backbite or do I defend absentees and weaker people? How do I react in a group? Do I suggest new ideas or do I not have any? Do I mostly criticize other people’s ideas?

If I’m questioning myself and then improving myself, I will become more likeable for others and my charisma will be positive and winning. Others will notice that unconsciously and will like you. «Thoughts are powerful», Paul Kuhn taught us.

«What goes around, comes around», we say in our colloquial language and mean the law of resonance. True friendship grows slowly.

You are only being a friend if you can keep a secret and if you prove to be a friend with a sympathetic ear, being there with help and advice when your friend is not doing well.

Approach others without any prejudices. Listen to what they say without having to immediately weigh in your opinion. Take part when you are invited to. Don’t give up after a failure! Sense how others are feeling and empathize with them. Thus, ties develop and soon your opinion and advice are needed. If someone wants to choose the wrong path, speak your mind calmly and clearly.

Did you know that angels want to be our heavenly friends? And did you know how valuable these friends are? They strive with all their strength to put the good into our hearts, to warn us against evil, to watch over us and to lead us to our destination, which is eternal life in heaven.

This is a wonderful question, a noble wish.

1. Faith is and will stay a matter of faith.
Faith is grace, which means a gift from God.
Therefore, one should not trifle with faith and even less it is allowed to force faith on others or to persuade them.

Faith is like a wonderful flower which only grows when it is given good soil, light, warmth, air and enough room for development.

Thank God, there is not simply one true faith. There are many good religious communities who dearly do what they’ve perceived as being right. They love God and are thankful, they love their neighbour as themselves and therefore they are doing what is best.

If I really want to lead others to faith, faith needs to first flourish with life in myself. From the bloom, fruits will ripe. If these fruits are delicious, others will want to eat from it as well! Our own good example is decisive, our deeds and not our pious words. Many can speak and write beautifully. But Christ gave us the parable of the tree bearing good fruits. “You will know them by their fruits.”

Furthermore, we may pray, asking God and his angels for others so that he may awake in them the grace of faith.

It is also allowed to be a good listener and to contribute a little thought at the right moment. This should be done out of true love and not in hopes that I can win someone for my faith and to be able to add one more person to the flock.

Our will shall only be a service for this person out of love, not out of expediency.

Yes, if we have faith, we have the task to pray for all people and to grow in love for all people, so that our tree will bear good fruits and thus blessings for the whole world.

Only love can bring goodness.

In this sense, I therefore wish lots of joy, love, strength and blessings so that your life may succeed.

Our heavenly father created man in his own image. He breathed an immortal soul into each of us, he gave us talents and placed tasks into our soul. In each person good and evil can be at work. We live on this earth between the poles of heaven and hell. We mature by doing good and we mature because we struggle with weaknesses which we overcome or at least contain with big effort and God’s help.

And now the crucial question: Who gave humans sexual power?

Our sexual power is a gift from God, just like all the other instincts and talents we have. With this gift of creation men may cooperate in creating. From the union of a man and a women a child, a new creation, comes into being. What great power and responsibility God has put in our hands. Our character is decisive whether happy or burdened souls come into the world.

The sexual instinct is one of the strongest forces in humans. It is most difficult for us humans to handle this enormous creative power. Instead of being connected with the divine love to receive great blessings for mankind, this instinct is often abused as an ecstatic pleasurable sensation and degraded to a superficial, short-living enjoyment.

From an early age we should practice to handle the other areas where we have urges that are easier to deal with. We should strive for what is good, learn to abstain and to find the right balance and to strengthen our Christian sentiment. Then, we are able to carefully deal with our sexual instinct and to apply this creative power to pass on life in purity. This can only be achieved if we are striving for purity in our thoughts, vision, speaking, our actions and if we avoid all that is impure. This holy creative instinct shall not get out of control, become primitive and end up in the gutter.

There is no greater intimacy, no more intensive connection than the becoming one in the unconditional dedication of man and woman. Also mental faculties are exchanged and a spiritual connection is formed. Therefore, God has exalted marriage as a frame for this act of creation, blessed it and let it become an irrevocable sacrament (an act of God’s grace).

Love between two humans has the biological purpose of preserving the species, thus to reproduce. This purpose cannot be fulfilled by homosexual couples. Furthermore, the union of a man and woman has the purpose to enrich one another. Thereof new strength for the everyday life should arise. The couples should intimately become more and more unified. Love also benefits mutual development and mutual assistance.

In order for a little child to have ideal prerequisites for its development, its father and mother should care together for the physical needs of the child as well as for its emotional and spiritual well-being. Emotional security and a healthy vitality develop within the child through the experience of confidence, love and thankfulness; thus through setting an example by living desirable values.

Love comes from God to mankind. We humans may receive this love and give it away. Love can only be preserved and multiplied in the purity of the heart. Love is bound to the regularities of what is good, or it vanishes. Therefore, there is no love detached from morals. It is God’s will that sex between a couple happens out of love and includes the possibility of reproduction. Love never says “I”, but “you” or “we”. Love also is willing for self-sacrifices. In this respect, think primarily about motherly love.

Friendship is something different. It is a temporary union and can and also should flourish between same-sex people. Every woman should have a good friend with whom she can talk about everything. Every man should have a best friend. Friendship does not mean that you always have to agree. It means that you help one another with words and deeds and that you honestly maintain an opinion, even if your friend has a different one. A friendship can be full of love. Love in a friendship, however, has a different purpose and another form. It is therefore not about love-making.

If people from a same-sex friendship make love, it is contrary to nature and a misdirection. What is to be done if feelings and lust pull us on this wrong track? Thus, our spirit is challenged. The spirit is able to analyze the situation and to draw conclusions as done above. Many people live a life of sacrifices. Think about paralytics, cancer sufferers, addicts. Is it good to say to an alcoholic that his addiction is o.k. or doesn’t he damage himself and others directly or indirectly?

People who feel attracted to homosexual love should first see whether this is solvable by understanding the situation and with therapeutic or pastoral help. Often this is solvable. If not, we are asked to not live out this inclination. We should therefore have good friends but should not slip in a sexual adventure which goes directly against the universal order. If we look back on world history, the share of homosexual couples increased significantly, before these cultures decayed.

From a view of pastoral care, people with the inclination to homosexual love are as valuable persons as everybody else. Every person has its strengths and weaknesses. These people deserve our entire human acknowledgement. However, we may not view their inclination of equal value as the attraction between a man and a woman. Love between a man and a woman has the creative purpose of reproduction. Also in marital love there is an order and there are rules which are to be followed. Also there is and have been many things that are not good. Also there, true love, which gives without demanding, is the first commandment!

«For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.» Almost all bad inclinations can be transformed by God’s love and with his help into pure vitality. And for all misdirections of all forms, which we are not able to be changed in this life, God gives us the strength to bear them with love and patience and to keep them in rein. A person driven to stealing may also not live out its inclination. Someone inclined to be driven by rage also doesn’t have the right to beat others out of frustration. A drug addict deserves our full love and care, however, we may not view his addiction as something normal.

In the bible this distinction is done in the following way: «God loves the sinner but hates the sin.» What is sin? Segregation from God. By doing wrong we leave God’s reach and go away from his light. We shall pray and request that we ourselves, our friends, our enemies and whole mankind may recover from their weaknesses and failures. Let’s pray that the kingdom of God is to be fulfilled more and more within me. Let’s pray that there is a blossoming of creation and that everything finds its way back again to God’s eternal, glorious order.

Personal help may be requested anytime.

Live together before the marriage is not permitted. It is a sin before God. The person who takes what belongs to marriage without being blessed by the sacrament of marriage before, is like someone who simply rejects a great heritage because he cannot wait for it for a year.

Men and women are virtually called by love, which unifies body and soul, to be contributors in God’s creation. For this important charge, for this high dignity, God wants to give us his blessings and his love, so that the best can come out of it. Don’t the children-to-be deserve being conceived under best premises: Under God’s blessings, in pure love, in the desire of the heart and in the disposition for a child?!

What burdens does the couple take upon themselves if they, for the sake of their lust, simply ignore the commandments, which are valuable road maps! They reckon to enjoy life, however, they are putting up new obstacles for themselves. We can betray our brain by persuading ourselves: That doesn’t matter. I’m allowed to do that and it brings me so much bliss and happiness. However, our soul senses the whole truth and changes with our actions, in a positive or negative way! In addition, regarding these “stolen fruits” pregnancy has to be prevented. These politics of prevention leave behind deep marks in the soul and later in the body. We are using violence against our spirit, soul and body. The human nature is being disturbed which always has consequences. And we depart ourselves from God’s rays of love, just as Adam and Eva were hiding when they noticed God’s coming in the Garden of Eden.

Whoever learns to control his drives before getting married has brought forward a real proof of love for his partner. Thereby, his self-control grows tremendously. Thus, men as well as women can be faithful more easily in marriage. Also, in marriage one cannot live out desire of one’s own accord. The couple is only allowed to have sex if both agree. While waiting out of love, our mental faculties grow and the becoming one is turning into a special gift. Whoever does family planning by practising natural conception control, by considering the infertile days, shows his wife respect and true love.

Our faith is not hostile to sex. Mutually giving oneself to the other person is the biggest union of two people, like it is written in the bible “and they will be one flesh”. Also, at the same time, the mental faculties are exchanged. The giving oneself to the other person out of love and with God’s blessings is important and strengthens the bonds among the couples. It also helps to bring back harmony if there were problems, provided, that there is love in the everyday life and love of neighbour and that the mutual deference is maintained at all times.

It is disastrous if young people enjoy everything that belongs to marriage. Thus, they can never build up true capacity for love. The being together becomes ordinary, partners change and the sentiments of the soul become callous. Then perversions are practiced. How many souls are being hurt in doing so and women degraded to slaves? There would be so much more to say. The guardian angels put this in the hearth of everyone and you can hear it if you are honestly opening up, wanting to live the truth better and better. Sex before marriage is not a deadly sin. However, it is and stays an insult to God, just as St. Michael expressed it. Who has sex before marriage may attend mass, ask God for forgiveness and receive the sacraments. But the will to improve goes with it.

Why don’t we want to receive the sacrament of marriage and let our bond be blessed after testing the relationship well? Thus, blessings could unfold for us and our children and their children for evermore. By that, the world would become nobler and more valuable.

“Though the righteous man falls seven times a day”, Christ said. This shall be comfort as well as reason for modesty and caution not to condemn others. There’s enough to do with our own flaws. I know people who had sex before marriage, because they didn’t know better, and they are wonderful people, thanking God for everything he gives them. Furthermore, it is written: “God loves the sinner, but hates the sin”. With our whole love we should strive to come closer to God and to replace our vices with practised virtues out of our own will. Faith should never become a straitjacket. It is not ideal if we do something out of fear for the punishment. We should subordinate to God out of free love, so that one day we can be integrated in the heavenly order.

The vibrations of music flow through body, soul and spirit. Music has an overall impact on everybody. Music can be healing, comforting, vitalizing. Music can also excite us, stir us up, urge us to use violence and make us depressive.

At different times, people need different types of music. Folk music, folk songs, spiritual songs, art songs, classical music, but also jazz, Schlager music etc. are all good at the right time.

If we strive for order, harmony, peace, happiness and joy, we should avoid music that is too loud, exalting violence, has distorted rhythms or negative lyrics.

Many experiments, including ones which investigated the impact of music on plants, made clear that music has a great impact for the good as well as for the bad.

Beethoven said: “From up there it has to come, whatever should touch the heart. Otherwise it’s just notes”. Paul Kuhn said: “Music inspired by God’s spirit is nourishment for the soul”.

I understand everybody who smokes. Don’t we all have weaknesses apart from our strengths? Thus, I don’t have the right to run down others.

We should not only renounce smoking, but also excessive alcohol consumption, talking bad, defaming others, cursing, driving too fast, living out sexuality uninhibitedly. We shouldn’t lie or steal.

We are God’s children and through our life we should proclaim and glorify God’s works. With our talents we should be a blessing.

Body, spirit and soul form one unity. The body is carrier, cover for spirit and soul, a phenomenal creation. Its mostly flawless functioning is amazing. “Sound mind in a sound body”, goes a wise thought. If I harm my body through insufficient sleep, alcohol, too much eating or smoking, sooner or later the spirit and the soul will be affected. We are only reasonable and responsible if we treat our body lovingly and regardful.

The main thoughts you can look up under the question regarding smoking.

Very often people who are overindulged in alcohol are very sensitive by nature. They often had too little self esteem, experienced too little affection and understanding and in the early youth they had to bottle up too many heavy problems and burdened their souls with them. Thus, alcohol apparently became a comforter for the soul. In drunkenness they feel strong, detached from the burdensome problems of everyday life, simply being free for a couple of hours from all burdens. However, afterwards everything is worse. Alcohol is not a solution, but a drug, which can cause addiction and infinitely sorrow, pain and hardship.

Alcohol is not bad in general. It is a natural product and can be applied as a remedy if dosed correctly. Alcohol may also be consumed if one is able to find the right balance. But whoever is easily endangered should break away from it completely. The Blue Cross, the Salvation Army and many other institutions provide help.

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